Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Storage Hassock Hassock Storage

sookie's hassock

Inspired by Pollack

This is the original photograph that i found at PBS
The Tasmanian Devil

that i tweaked

and resulted in my Pollackesque image shown below

sookie's devil_n_details

Monday, August 28, 2006


This started out as a pentagram...hit the wrong keystroke, and this was the result. While not the original intent, just goes to show mistakes can be salvaged.
sookie's pentcurve3Drotate

3 of hearts

sookie's aniheart
sookie's magenta43D
sookie's magentanumb4

Abstract Conclusion

sookie's 3DSpaPillow

is it a donut? is it a balancing apparatus for strength training [after having eaten too many donuts?] is it a pillow? is it all of the above?...that's the beauty of abstract; it can be anything you perceive it to be.